About Me

About Me

Welcome to to my blog Angelaslot@home.

I guess my signature says it all  in that life is never boring with 3 males in the house and a dog. We have fun and we have a laugh, after all, that's what life is all about.

I created my blog as a hobby in 2013 because I love to write and create. Being a mother of teenage boys, they do keep you on your toes and it can indeed be trying as any parent will know and at times it is not easy.  

My other passion is painting.  I love working with acrylics and have currently been working on beach paintings.  It is always a work in progress

Please follow my blog to find out what I am up to.  I would love to hear from you too, so please  comment here or email me at reynoldslot@gmail.com

Love Angela xx

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