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Monday, 21 April 2014

It's raining passionfruit hallelujah!

We have an abundance of passionfruit at home. No sooner do I gather up the passionfruit that have dropped off the vine then there is another lot waiting patiently to be devoured. I have given them away, used them in fruit salads, muffins, and topped banana cakes with passionfruit icing, not great for the waistline I know. I have even wrapped a couple in tinfoil and Easter egg wrappers and given to my boys along with their Easter eggs on basis of a healthier alternative. My eldest couldn't wait to open his and was more than  disappointed that it was not a big chocolate filled egg and did not see the funny side at all. My youngest has carefully placed his with a couple of eggs in a bowl in the fridge. Will wait and see...

I do love though mixing passionfruit with Greek yoghurt for breakfast and it is absolutely delicious topped with strawberries and  bananas on French toast. Yum. I have been  told too that it is healthy and a great source of Vitamin C and A which is definitely a bonus. 

A favourite at home is passionfruit curd. Drop a big dollop in to tarts, on top of ice cream, French  toast or mini pavs with cream. Give this recipe a go.  Enjoy x

Passionfruit Curd
Makes approx 2 cups
6 Passionfruit, cut in half and scoop out pulp
2 egg plus 2 egg yolks
3/4 cup of sugar
100 gsm butter, chop into cubes

In a heat proof bowl mix passionfruit pulp, sugar and eggs. 
Place over saucepan of simmering water. 
Whisk continuously for approximately 10 minutes until mixture is thickened and creamy. 
Take off heat and quickly whisk in cubes of butter. 
Pour into sterilised jar/jars. 
Place baking paper over top of jar and cool to room temperature.
Take baking paper off and top with lid. 

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