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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Window Cleaning and Quick and Easy Tarts for Lunch

What a difference sparkly clean windows make!  After months of wet weather the weather has finally taken a turn for the better and with me complaining how dirty our windows were  we finally set a  date to clean our eves and windows.  Armed with brushes, detergent, white vinegar, buckets, and a window squeegee we got stuck in and started from the front working towards the back.  Each and every time we do this we forget that our windows  do leak and we always  have a flood of water in the lounge, kitchen and toilet  to be soaked up by a mountain of towels (more washing!).   We also cleaned our window sills and our blinds in the process. As always we are  amazed at how clean and brighter our windows look.

 A job well done and time for lunch!

Quick and Easy Lunch – Tarts

  • ·      3 sheets of Puff Pastry
  • ·      Relish, Pesto or Tomato Paste/Sauce
  • ·      Onion
  • ·      Kabana, bacon, left over cooked chicken etc
  • ·      Grated Cheddar Cheese or Feta Cheese
  • ·      Shallots (optional)

Cut each sheet of pastry into 4 squares. Using small knife, score 1/2-inch border (do not cut through pastry) around inside edges of each square. Arrange squares on baking trays lined with paper.

Spread relish etc inside scored area and layer onion, kabana etc on top of relish.
Sprinkle with cheese and shallots if required.

Bake tarts at 180 degrees celcius until crusts are puffed and golden and filling is cooked through, approx. 10-15 minutes.  Serve with salad or on their own and enjoy!

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