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Saturday, 7 December 2013

Melbourne, wear comfortable walking shoes!

I am sitting on the floor at the departure gate at Melbourne airport. Just my luck the departure gate was the most furtherest away to walk and just a handful of seats available. 

Just had a great three days with Mum and sisters, it was fabulous to see them and i do miss not seeing them as often as would like. Gone are the days when you can pop over and see your Mum or sister for a cuppa.  

So we had a wonderful 3 days raking up the miles and burning calories shopping at DFO, Queen Victoria Markets, visiting the zoo and taking a tram trip to St Kilda, only resting our very weary feet at night. 

My sisters had tickets to Bon Jovi which I am most envious. They had an awesome time and the belted out tunes of "Livin' on a Prayer" could be heard across at the wharf.  Lucky Mum and I! 

Melbourne is a fantastic city. It is alive with a mix of great people and culture. And they really have getting around the city sorted. I look  forward to visiting soon. 

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